Leading Manufacturers of Aloe-Vera & Natural Herbal Products
Through a Symphony of TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE & NATURE
Quality Products Admired and Utilised by INDIAN & OVERSEES
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About Us

Aashna International was established in the year 2000, and over time we have invested in modern equipment, skilled staff and gained considerable experience while streamlining our manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing facility is backed with the latest laboratory equipment to ensure quality and achieve standardization in each batch.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Aloe-Vera freeze/spray dried power, Juice, Gel, Guar Gum & it's derivatives, All kinds of Herbal Product Powder & Enzymes and Liquid Detergents.

Aloe-Vera freeze dried powder

Aloe-Vera freeze dried powder and it's derivatives used in the formulation of Cosmetics, Skin care products, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary & Pat care, Oral & Dental care, Topical Antiseptics and Oral laxatives in present times. Aloe-Vera freeze dried powder is offered to use in Cosmetics formulation for a Healing Benefits, Vitamins Benefits, Skin Care Benefits, Healthy skin, Dental Health, etc.

For the past 10 years we have consistently supplied Aloe-Vera Freeze Dried Powder & several formulators across India. We have the capability to supply Aloe-Vera Freeze Dried powder 20,000 Kg with a lead time of just 25 days.

Guar Gum & it's derivatives

Guar Gum & it's derivatives, used for formulations of Printing, Pharmaceuticals, Explosive, food, Paper etc.

In the current scenario since last 1962, we are in a position of supplying our Guar Gum & it's Derivatives products 50,000 Kg within 25 days Led Time. We are regularly supplying to several formulators in India for past 45 years.