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Manufacturing of Powder

The Juice is further cleaned by centrifuging then active carbon treatment again centrifugation. The cleaned Juice is concentrated with OR without additives as required to a desired volume. For Spray drying two stages drying is employed first drying to 30% solids under water ring vacuum 700 mm - 710 Hg. and second drying at 760 mm of Hg or 0.1 mm of Hg both at reduced temperatures. For freeze drying the second stage drying is yet prolonged to get 55-60% solid and freeze dried at -40' to -1 80' C in totally oxygen and bacteria free plant, specially approved for frozen dry food. The dried materials are ground and packed under nitrogen atmospheres, mechanically to avoid contamination or other errors. The products are analyzed for quality and contamination at every stage to give guaranteed supply as per specifications.

Comparisons of Aloe-Vera Freeze & Spry dry powder

  1. NoAloe-Vera Freeze Dry powderAloe-Vera spry dry powder
  2. 1Better Quality ProductLesser Quality Product
  3. 2Holds 100% of the nutrientsLoses 90% of nutrients
  4. 3

    White in color (makes it easier to mix with any product to obtain desired color)Tan color or brown (Hard to mix this color to come up with color needed.
  5. 4Aloe is completely stable after processingUnstable after processing
  6. 5

    This technique is for preserving to assure the aloe is as fresh as it can be

    This technique with the use of very high temperature causes the destruction of Preservation.
  7. 6Good TexturePoor texture
  8. 7No SmellSometimes contains a smell
  9. 8

    Freeze drying causes no damage to the aloe

    Spray drying with very high temperatures causes damage to the aloe
  10. 9

    Freeze drying is an expensive process, but the yield is a better end productSpray drying is not an expensive process and the yield is of lessor quality
  11. 10

    Equipment cost for processing is three times more expensiveEquipment is at the low end of cost

  12. 11

    Freeze drying has a long processing time which attributes to better quality aloe

    Spray Drying uses very high heat short processing time, which attributes to the aloe sometimes being brown and burnt
  13. 12

    Tray-style Freeze Drying is what Aashna International uses, which is much more sophisticatedThis equipment which is used is very primitive compared to freeze drying equipment

  14. 13

    Able to immediately distribute into packages after processingAnother instrument has to be used to put the aloe into packs after it is processed
  15. 14

    Leaves in all of the amino acids and enzymes in the aloe intact by freeze drying

    Damages the amino acids and enzymes in the aloe, due to the high temperatures that are use
  16. 15

    Freeze Drying is the new age of technology for the processing of Aloe-VeraSpray drying is a step back in time to the dinosaur age for processing Aloe-Vera
  17. 16Shelf life 24 monthsShelf life 12 months

The most important Aloe Vera Freeze dry ingredients

The following list is not comprehensive, although it does give an overview of the most important Aloe Vera Freeze dry powder ingredients.

  1. CategoryTypical examples
  2. Amino acids

    Lysine, histidine, arginine, aspartic acid, threonine, serine, hydroxyproline, proline, glycine, alanine, cystine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, glutamic acid, phenylalanine, tryptophane, tyrosine
  3. Enzymes

    Amylase, lipase, alkaline phosphatase, bradykinase, carboxypeptidase, catalase, oxidase
  4. Minerals

    Magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, zinc
  5. PhytosterolsBeta-Sitosterol, campesterol, lupeol
  6. PolysaccharidesGlucomannan, acemannan, pectin, cellulose
  7. VitaminsB1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic acid
  8. Growth factorsAuxins, gibberellins
  9. Further active substancesSalicylic acid, malic acid