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About Aloe-Vera

Aloe-Vera plants are known since ancient times. Aloe-Vera Gels and Juice find many applications in Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic industries. Aloe-Vera plants are found in nature in hundreds of botanical species, but the best One is Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe-liliaceous). The Aloe plant grows and survives in odd weathers, need less water and less care, Aloe plants-leaves retain their Gel- Juices in tact but Gel-Juice rapidly loose their Food and medicinal values within Two-Four hours after harvesting. There fore Gel-Juice should be taken out under utmost aseptic conditions within two hours after harvesting. Generally in India, plants are grown near residence house Leaves are cut fresh and used. For storage of Gel-Juices, preservatives are added. For transport to distant places, Aloe Gel and Juices are Spray-Dried, with or without additives. The powders are easy to handle, store and transport. Cultivation, Harvest, Extraction of Juice and Gel from leaves, preservation of Gel-Juice, Manufacture of Spray-Dried and Freeze-Dried powders etc. require great care and accuracy in order to give products of excellence and quality in International Markets. At every stage, utmost precaution and G M P (Good manufacturing practices) are needed, because Gel and Juice get contaminated; turn rancid and unsatisfactory soon after extraction, whereas powders absorb Moisture and Oxygen from Air rapidly. In following pages a brief Description of our Manufacturing Processes is given.

Aloe-Vera plants: - About 20 hectares land was selected for plant for Barbadensis Cultivation. The land is situated about 100 K.M. North from Ahmadabad (GUJARAT). The land was arid totally unused for any agricultural purpose. The surrounding of this land is also arid uncultivated and un-Farmed. Therefore this land is not only ideal for Organic Farming but also ideal for Aloe-Vera cultivation. Aloe Barbadensis variety was planted as per expert agricultural advice and guidance. No Synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used. Vermiculture Fertilizer, Cow-Dung fertilizer and Neem-Oil based pesticides are used where necessary. Water used is subsoil bore well water confirming to good quality for farming. Several other such farms lands are selected for Aloe plantation in various places of Gujarat.