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Mode of action of the Aloe Vera active substances

Although Aloe Vera Freeze Dry Powder is known for cosmetic and medical application, the mode of action is not the same in both cases. Certain Aloe Vera active substances cannot penetrate the skin barrier and are therefore only effective when they come into direct contact with the cells of the dermis, as in the case of a wound, for instance. Other substances, however, penetrate readily into the intact skin and are able to care for the skin very well by a moisturizing and soothing effect. Thus the effectiveness profile of the Aloe ingredients is divided into two categories, the cosmetic application field and the medical application field.

  • Active substanceCosmetic effectMedical effect
  • Amino acids

    Skin moisturizing

    Components of protein synthesis and stimulators of collagen genesis
  • Enzymes

    Remain on the skin, possibly split biopolymers into their skin moisturizing componentsAre important for wound cleansing and support an antiinflammatory effect
  • Minerals

    Catalyse cell processes and accelerate the skin's own protective functions (such as neutralization of free radicals)Catalyse cell processes and support the skin's own protective functions

  • Phytosterols

    Stimulate cell division and have an anti-inflammatory effectStimulate cell division and have an anti-microbial effect

  • Polysaccharides

    Remain on the skin and can have a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skinAloe Vera polysaccharides stimulate the immune system and promote wound healing
  • Vitamins

    Support the cell processes and have a vitalizing effect

    Support the cell processes and therefore promote wound healing
  • Further: Salicylic acid

    Has an anti-inflammatory effect.Has an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Summary

    Aloe Vera Freeze dry powder has a moisturizing, soothing (antiinflammatory) and vitalizing effect on the skinAloe Vera Freeze dry powder stimulates the immune system, has an antimicrobial effect and promotes wound healing