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After 18- 20 months from cultivation and every 5-6 months from First cutting the leaves are harvested. Utmost care is taken to avoid contamination, Pollution and degradation. For harvesting a batch of 10-15 educated laborers is selected on payment of higher wages. The laborers are required to take a hygienic bath, clean their Hand and wear shoes, Aprons, Mouth guard, Nose guard and head-cap, all of which are freshly supplied daily. These supplies are daily washed, cleaned and treated for Bacterial free and clean conditions. Before Harvesting each plant is washed with pure mineral water. The leaves are cut from the bottom by a transverse cut, Immediately placed vertically in cleaned plastic tray 4'X4'X1' kept slightly inclined to collect the draing Aloin yellow liquid separately in plastic Jar. Soon after one and half hour when Aloin draining stops, leaves are taken for extraction.