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Uses of Aloe Vera in Cosmetics

Example of formulation of facial cream

If you add 0.45g of AISF-200 (Aloe-Vera 200:1) to make a 100g of facial cream. Natural Aloe- Vera content is 90%, because the Aloe-Vera is extracted by 200:1. So, AISF-200, 0.45g*200 = 90g of aloe the total facial cream = 100g. Aloe-Vera is used in many cosmetics from facial cream, suntan lotions, hand creams, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, facial masks, razors, facial wipes and even in socks.

We manufacture Aloe-Vera in a cosmetic grade for the INDIA and the overseas market. Our Aloe-Vera is of the BEST quality as it is grown under the most beneficial conditions in Gujarat. Due to the weather, irrigation and no pesticides or herbicides used produces the
#1 Aloe-Vera in the world.

Our Aloe-Vera is certified that to the best of our knowledge our Aloe Vera products are not derived from genetically modified plants.

Our Aloe-Vera fields are inspected annually by an agent of the CCOF program to verify all standards of organically grown Aloe-Vera are met.

(Legends has it Aloe Vera was one of Cleopatra's secrets for keeping her skin soft.)

What is special About Aloe Vera of Gujarar?

  • A professional team of Aloe Vera experts with proven track records, working as one to meet your special requirements!
  • A total commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Standardized powders unconditionally guaranteed.
  • Best pricing.
  • Packaging to meet the needs. (1 KG and 25 KGS)
  • Our products exceed the certification as per standards and the Quality Assurance International
  • Our Aloe-Vera meets the NOP (National Organic Plan).
  • The friendliest, happiest, most accommodating staff of people who truly care about you as a customer and will work hard for you.